Online Portfolio Building for Dummies

When I first heard we would be in charge of organizing our own Personal Learning Network I was . . .confused.  Not only had I never heard  of a PLN, but I had absolutely no idea on how to go about starting my own.  After the concept of a PLN was explained in a little more detail, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  The goal is to simultaneously build a strong, online portfolio for my digital photography while at the same time creating a “How-To” Blog helping others going through the same process.

I wanted to make sure my PLN would  benefit me in two ways.   1)Getting a good grade and 2)being able to use this portfolio down-the-road.  Before this semester, I haven’t had a legitimate reason to create an online portfolio since this is the first full year I will be a Digital Media Studies major.  I’m currently enrolled in a Digital Photography class being taught by Jim Veneman.  He has been encouraging me to expand my creative process, and there is no time like the present to kick-start this brand new, and exciting process.


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